DR. Bayu Satya, B.SC


DR. Bayu Satya, B.SC. has dedicated his life to Oil Spill Response (OSR) for over 39 years. He started his career in 1981 as an OSRE (Oil Spill Response Equipment) salesman. He then joined Leadership Limited, a Norwegian Company, as a Marine Consultant in 1983. Leadership Limited has carried out marine training for the Norwegian Government and is the oldest company working in the marine field in Indonesia.

Dr. Bayu Satya, B.Sc. has many experiences of working with OSRE around the world, including: Japan, Denmark, UK and USA. His experiences in leading teams combating oil spills in Indonesia, on land and at sea, have strengthened Oil Spill Combat Team (OSCT) role as a capable spill combat team in Indonesia and worldwide. He has been an independent lecturer on oil booms and oil skimmers since 1986.

In February 2007, DR. Bayu Satya B.Sc. received an award as the third best speaker from among 15 oil spill experts from around the world at the International Symposium hosted by Petroleum Association of Japan (PAJ) in Tokyo, Japan. He was the first Asian to be ranked in the top three speakers at the prestigious International symposium. He was also appointed by Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) as the Team Leader for Tier-2 Base Assessment Area I in North Sumatra and Area V Tier-2 Base Assessment in East Java where Area V is the first Tier-2 Base in Indonesia.

DR. Bayu Satya, B.Sc. received the International  Carthage Award in Campidoglio Rome, Italy, in 2014 for his role in saving the environment from the negative impacts of oil spill in Indonesia and around the world. This was an important award for Indonesia as it was the first time an Indonesian citizen received such a remarkable award.