IMO Level 1

First Responder

training - IMO1-training.jpg

Operational Staff for Oil Spill Combat and Preparedness

  • Provide participants with skills and knowledge to act as efficient responders
  • Develop and maintain a credible capability to deal with typical oil pollution emergencies and facilitate co-operation and mutual assistance in the event of a major incident
  • Ability to safely use offshore and onshore oil spill combat equipment
  • Ability to choose correct oil spill combat equipment based on regulations and Oil Spill Contingency Plan (OSCP)

IMO Level 2

Supervisor and On-Scene Commander

training - IMO2-training.jpg

Supervisor and Command Center Operational Staff for supervising oil spill combat operations and planning

  • Understand the key elements and challenges of oil spill combat using a case history
  • Understand the main role of the Supervisor / On-Scene Commander
  • Ability to prepare, manage or take part in an oil spill combat exercise and planning
  • Ability to supervise and work in an emergency command center for oil spill combat

IMO Level 3

Administrators and Senior Manager

training - IMO3-training.jpg

Can be used to train staff to form the cornerstone to conduct and manage an effective response to an oil spill

  • To provide an overview of successful oil spill combat management
  • To develop knowledge of contingency planning and manage oil spill combat operations
  • Build awareness of the complex responsibilities
  • To learn from the past oil spill incidents and using it for managing operations


OPRC IMO TrainingVenueCourse CodeSchedule in 2021Member Rate
(per person member)
Non-Member Rate
(per person non-member)
Level 1Jakarta (Online) OSCT-0103-210726 – 28 Juli$ 800$ 900
Level 2Jakarta (Online)OSCT-0202-210811 – 13 Agustus$ 1,650$ 1,850
Level 3Jakarta (Online)OSCT-0302-210824 – 26 Agustus$ 1,700$ 1,900
Level 2Jakarta (Online)OSCT-0203-21091 – 3 September$ 1,650$ 1,850