Oil Spill Combat Team (OSCT) Indonesia, will host the 14th Regional Industry Technology Advisory Group (RITAG) meeting in Bali on September 05th-06th, 2024. This is the second time OSCT Indonesia has hosted this event.

This meeting will be attended by experts and oil response companies from 8 Asian countries to share technical knowledge, oil spill response experiences, and best practices in responding to disasters and oil spills in their respective countries. The countries involved in this activity are Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Japan and China.

This activity will also invite Indonesian stakeholders, such as the Ministry of Transportation, the Directorate of Sea and Coast Guard, SKK Migas, and other related stakeholders. This is done to maintain synergy and strengthen cooperation between Indonesian stakeholders and oil countermeasure companies. PT OSCT Indonesia’s mission is to be involved in protecting Indonesia’s natural environment.

Through this meeting, it is hoped that this cooperation will further strengthen the exchange and cooperation between countermeasure company experts in each region, especially in Asia, and strengthen the ability to overcome the spill disaster that occurred.

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