OSCT Indonesia offers Oil & Chemical Spill Contingency Planning in accordance with IMO and IPIECA standards. The contingency planning alows more effective and efficient response to a spill incident by using and developing appropriate response strategies based on national regulations and international standards

OSCT Indonesia conducts
internationally accredited IMO
Level 1, 2, 3, and
Hazardous Noxious Substances
(HNS) trainings.

All of our trainers are bilingual :
Bahasa Indonesia and English

OSCT Indonesia has over 40.000 meters of oil boom stockpiled for our members and also offers rental solutions for oil and chemical spill response equipment that guarantee spill response readiness 24/7. All of our equipment are sourced from the world’s largest manufacturers of oil and chemical spill response equipment

All brands of oil & chemical spill
response equipment can be serviced
and replaced by OSCT Indonesia,
and we will supply a warranty certificate
that the equipment is in
good working condition
by the original equipment

OSCT INDONESIA offers membership in Indonesia for Oil & Chemical Spill Combat Support, with excellent benefits and competitive price as we are the largest spill response centre in Indonesia operated by Indonesian experts, protecting Indonesia’s natural environment and promoting the use of local services.

OSCT INDONESIA provides trained responders and experts to combat oil and chemical spill in Indonesia and around the world. All of our experts, responders, and supervisors are experienced in oil and chemical spill combat and are certified with IMO Level 1, 2, 3, and HNS trainings. We are also fully suported by several oil spill response centres around the world.

Brands, Products & Interactive Experiences.

Over 20 years of experience we’ll ensure you always get the best guidance.
We serve a clients at every level of their organization we can be most useful,
whether as a trusted advisor to top trusted our management coach for fronts line employees.