The Second International Convention on Hazardous Noxious Substances on 2010 adopted HNS Protocol, calls for the International Maritime Organization, along with relevant International and Regional Organization, oil and shipping industries, to develop a comprehensive training program in the field of chemical pollution preparedness and response including the availability of expertise for the development and implementation of training programs, namely OPRC IMO HNS Operations and Manager Level. OSCT Indonesia provides Hazardous Noxious Substances (HNS) Training for operational level and managerial level with competitive price.

Upon course completion, participants will have the ability to assess locations and emergency response to contain spillage of hazardous materials and reduce the release of toxic or hazardous vapors.

IMO HNS Operation

For Operation Level
Operational Staff for Chemical Spill Combat and Preparedness

  • Consider the challenges and dangers of an HNS response and key components of response.

  • Discuss the behavior of chemicals and their physical and chemical characteristics and will look at different classes of dangerous goods.

  • In the response section will look at the different aspects of response including the role of emergency response organizations, how to respond to HNS incidents, the safety aspects of response, decontamintaion, disposal options for HNS waste post-operational activity.


For Manager 
Supervisor and Command Center Operational Staff for supervising chemical spill combat operations and planning

  • Discuss the role of the IMO, the legislation that affects the carriage of HNS and the compensation and liability regimes.

  • Will look at the different fomrs of interation that can take place with the media and highlight some dos and don'ts when dealing with reporters.

  • In addition, the traiing will look at the purpose of contingency planning and what considerations need to be taken when writing a contingency plan and explain the purpose of sensitivity mapping and what factors are involved.


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