Osct completed the oil spill combat operation at langsa that occured on August 2021 and organized debriefing session on 3rd of Dec 2021 to review lessons learnt and improve response preparedness especially for oil and gas operations during covid pandemic.

Oil Spill Combat Team Indonesia (OSCT) fully supports the implementation of the Emergency Response Simulation for Handling Ship Accidents and Mitigation of Oil Spills at the Ketapang-Gilimanuk Ferry Port. The event was organized by the Port Authority and Class III Tanjung Wangi Port Authority (KSOP) Banyuwangi. The event was also attended by the Secretary of the Ministry of Transportation, Djoko Sasono, Head of the Port Authority and Port Authority Office Class III Tanjung Wangi Benyamin Ginting. He also doubles as Simulation Exercise Coordinator.

Secretary of the Ministry of Transportation, Djoko Sasono, welcomed the implementation of this emergency response simulation exercise.

“This training event is not only to welcome the 2021 Christmas holidays and the new year of 2022, but rather to anticipate incidents and prevent oil spills,” Djoko said in his remarks on Saturday (12/18/2021) at PT Angkutan Pier, Sungai, Lake and Crossing (ASDP) Indonesia Ferry Ketapang Branch and Banyuwangi Strait Waters.

This simulation event is a follow-up and joint commitment to the integrated shipping operation of the Ketapang – Gilimanuk and Ketapang – Lembar crossing ports, which is a joint commitment of all parties involved and taking part in these services. In addition, to provide excellent service as well as the implementation of IM No. 8 Year 2021.

Meanwhile, Benjamin Ginting, said that this simulation exercise is also to increase the sense of security for users of crossing transportation services from ship accidents.

The simulation event was also attended by the Indonesian OSCT team, a world-class company that is an expert in the field of equipment supply and oil spill prevention. Sefrizoni Yunda from OSCT Indonesia, said that this simulation activity is very important and relevant considering that recently incidents of ship accidents and oil spills often occur in Indonesian waters.