What's New

OSCT Indonesia is the largest OSRO in ASIA and the only OSRO that has five Giant Octopus Skimmers as the largest oil spill recovery system in the world with maximum recovery capacity of 750 m3/hour.

OSCT Indonesia has commissioned electronic flip board that is used for tabletop exercises and in our command center, to replace conventional images and forms, to handle information better and faster more efficiently. The Board is olso compatible to project and control computer and handheld devices for easy viewing and presentation

OSCT Indonesia use Oil Spill Tracking Buoy (OSTB) which is designed to accurately track surface oil spill because the movement of the buoy is limited to ocean conditions found at the sea-water interface and at the top of the 0.5 m water column. This is important because, like an oil spill, that means OSTB is driven by water currents rather than wind.

OSCT Indonesia provides Oil Spill Combat Training in Virtual Reality-Based Training (VRBT) is an interactive and immersive teaching method that uses technology to provide virtual scenarios to simulate situations that might occur in actual settings. VRBT simulates training in the workplace in a safe, controlled, and forgiving environment.
OSCT applies a layered strategy for handling oil spills. Double layer protection planning could enhance the effectiveness of oil containment to minimize spills out of the configuration and impact to sensitive area. In addition, dynamic boom applied to catch escaping oil from static boom and able to mobilize hence total of 3 layers.